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Ed Man Studios

Welcome to Ed Man Studios, where you will find many different audio services available.
Music production is our primary function but we also do forensic audio engineering, composing for screen and radio
amongst various other services
Please have a look around this site and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Bringing Music

To Life

We know that there is more to a good recording than pressing a red button and playing all the notes right.
Our experienced professionals will give your songs the energy, movement and punch they need to become hits.
If you are serious about your music, contact us, you won't regret it.

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Great service and expertise

in everything we do

You will find our rates extremely competetive. No matter how big or small your budget Ed Man Studios may be able to play a part.
Give us an email to see how we can help you.

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getting it right at the source...

For any band aspiring for success in today's music industry, a professional recording is without a doubt the most important thing to have. Without a decent quality recording you won't get decent tour support and festival slots, you won't get signed and you won't build a fanbase. Simple as. At Ed Man Studios we have highly skilled recording engineers who will record your music on the highest quality equipment. Recording for us is always the most important aspect of the production process. We always get our recording right at the source so we don't have to fix it later in the mix. Ed Man Studios is a very comfortable environment to record in. You have access to all the comforts of home and clients have told us they perform better than ever in our professional yet relaxed atmosphere.


defining your sound...

We focus on a professional, tight and modern mix. Different styles require different definition. Pop has traditionally been all about the vocals, rock about the guitars, dance about the bass drum and hip hop about the beat. Nowadays people want everything to be the main thing, no man gets left behind, and everything louder than everything else. To do this you need an exceptional perspective of where every instrument belongs and doesn't belong in the mix - and no two mixes are the same. You also need to be able to wield your studio tools like a Jedi to create the masterpeice you envision in your minds eye. Our acoustically optimised and treated mixing room runs a Steinberg Cubase environment and Adam Monitoring systems. As well as our outboard gear we have an armada of plugins to help us manufacture industry standard mixes of the highest quality.


more than just loudness...

Our mastering service will transform your raw mixes into professional, broadcast standard, radio friendly tracks. This can dramatically enhance your music, or be more subtle; it can give your track extra glue and it can fix a bad mix. There are a lot of smaller studios and bedroom producers about these days and they will often mix on uneven and badly treated rooms. That is why it is more important now than ever to get good quality mastering from a professional studio such as ours. Many commercial mastering houses today do not understand properly how to treat rock and metal. With us you can rest assured that busy and complicated heavy music is what we learned our skills on and somewhat of a specialty for us. In this nuclear loudness race of modern times it is truly an artform in itself to acheive loud, clear, wide and fat masters while retaining the integrity of the mix and keeping the sound punchy. We can also add in UPC and IRSC codes and master specifically for iTunes.

sound design

what's the score?...

We put a lot of thought into our original music composition and sound design to create a sonic brand identity in every project we work on. The most obvious use of sound design is for creating sounds for picture. But it can also be used for adverts, theatre, computer games, radio, film, TV, sculptures, music and sound effects for machines, cars or electrical appliances. Through innovative use of real world recording, synthesis and editing we can provide sound effects for practically any scenario. Our passion is scoring music which evokes emotion and crafting absorbing narratives with sound.

Latest works

currently in the studio...

2015 is going to be another big year for Ed Man Studios

Projects booked for 2015 include 3 new full length Sharky Sharky albums, an album for Ascension and soundtrack music for children's performing arts franchise Mac the Monkey amongst others. It's shaping up to be another busy year for Ed Man Studios.

Sharky Sharky

MEGA ROCK: ANTHEMS of the sea (2015)


(spiritual beast/universal music)

MAC the Monkey